Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week 9 Podcasts

Here is Yahoo's podcast link that I found interesting.

Week 7 Sandbox Wiki

When I tried to add my blog to favorite blogs it did not work.

Week 6 Library 2.0

The idea, as I understand it, is helping and planning. We plan for users (our important comodity) and the library needs to be open (transparent was used) by using instant messaging and my space that we use to collaborate with patrons. Technology keeps advancing but we only need what will be useful to patrons. Our future lies in the way users relate to us. Librarians and users learn from each other.

week 9 You Tube

I think they asked first which video I liked------neither. Then I went to 1970s toy commercials. The library dominoes was a cute segment, however useless. The Project Gutenberg was interesting in that it gave the on-line book catalog-overview with a note that it can be downloaded and used at home. I suppose that could be useful to our patrons for audiobooks.

My overall view of the 23 things project is that I have been confused most of the time and I just hope my answers make sense, but I do feel that I have become acquainted with the computer on a higher level. Now I feel like I won't feel quite so helpless when a patron has a question and will, at least, be knowledgeable enough to help.

week 8 web awards

I chose 2 or 3 that ended up not interesting at all to me. Then I decided to try real estate because I am at a spot in my life where I am thinking of down-sizing and getting rid of my really large house. I will need all the help I can get. However, I'm not real sure I can trust options coming from all over. I honestly feel I'll just go to trusted individuals that I know.

week 8 google docs

I usually keep a calendar on my dryer where I jot down my appointments for the month as well as those of a friend , along with birthdays for the month and such. Having a spread sheet like this that I can add to as needed would probably be a more organized way to do it. It would probably mean I'd really get those birthday cards out on time. It could also be used to keep information I'd like to save about my Sunday School lessons each week. But, as a not-so-modern person with technology, I most likely will stick to my calendar.

week 7 wikis

I had never heard of a wiki before, but I can see that it can be a valuable tool for such things as selling our library. I have been reading Beverly Lewis books and learning quite a bit about Amish life. I'm sure there are other authors who write on the subject . Plus I could use the Wiki to find other outlets of information about the Amish in non-fiction ---then share my feelings with others.